Hobbyist!! Are you ?

Ummm, a lot people are hobbyist and so do I, just another guy in love with electronics.   Though I am not concerned with most of the core electronics stuff, those op-amps and transistors etc.  I never needed them to read in detail. Basically everyone works on some level of abstraction. Some works on semiconductor level, some on a level above and some on anlog then digital circuits using ICs, then to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers and then to System On Chip…

Hobbyists (some like me) are sometimes in Vain. Yeah, ryt I actually mean Vain. They work on some level and excel it and they actually hate up the other level guys or simply put themselves up. See I know a lot core anlog circuit designer, who work and make amplifiers and other heavier electronics circuits and say “ohh, you microcontrollers people, u rarely know the real shit”. The work is down here !!!
People working on microcontrollers say “Arduino is abstracting the good things” but yes, it though help. It is making the people more distant from electronics.

You may be working on any level wright through assembly to any high level language, semi-conductor to any highly abstracted hardware, the point remain the same. Its nothing like easy or difficult. Its just where you can do good and be satisfied. Some be satisfied doing low level stuff and tweaking with the basics, some being satisfied doing the application part and not interested in re-inventing the wheel sort of things.

And me, here; Ummm.. am actually a “moody” sort of like a few things in core and a few things in applications part.  Basically I startup with anything I find fun with.  And in this post I am just going to show up my little electronics room with little hacked modules.
So here it goes,

Yups, I got a kinect too. The latest entry in the Mashers Lab
There is a bot too which gets its working from a client server model. Poor me, I don’t have a wifi chip to engage it with. Anyways, this also works 🙂
The robotic hand is actually used with kinect and imitates the User hand. This is actually being developed. By the next post, it may be ready.
Got a ARM cortex-M3 based board LPC1768. Though I haven;t started working with the real ARM cortex-M3 power. Just the basic stuff.
Oops, Arduino and other SBC are there too. Mini2440, Beaglebone and Raspi. I am in love with operating system concepts. Trying up with ROS now.

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