Using VLC; Hobbyist way!

So, It was a task I wished to do 4 months back! and finally today I gotta do that.  As usual I was busy out doing nothing.  In this little tweak of mine I actually used VLC media player as you people also do, but I used it in a little different way.   As I have already discussed about the automation using the pc motherboard so this time just make it a little deeper.

I have simply used a normal RF transmitter/reciever modules.  Transmitter side is played via two DPDT switches powered by a normal 9V battery.    Reciever side is nothing but the reciever interfaced to pc serial/parallel port.  It actually doesn’t matter much.  Its easy both way.  I found paralled port more interesting than serial because serial is like old buddy for me.  So just for a change.

Not like the normal automation which is done usually via serial or parallel ports, I thought of doing a little different so I started up with the communication between processes along with the automation.  Here comes  little more programming side.  I *EXPECT* ‘ed

Hope most of you have already got what I used for it by now.    Using the VLC media player


was the obvious option for such a thing because it is open source + it gives so many interfaces to play with.  And yes, I was not in a mood to make my own media player just for this.

Working goes like this:
Two DPDT switches i.e. four different signals (at least)  are used for four different functions of vlc media player i.e. Play, Pause, Next and Previous.  A lot can be done though, but I just did to get it done simply.  Signals are recieved at the reciever end and passed to PC where a program runs and analyses it and communicates with the already running VLC media player.


And here goes the real shot:

Video demo.




All the modules are our own creation at



Any such modules are easily available at bulk orders.




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