RFID based attandance & dynamic Modification of entries

Ummm, in this post, I am going to show up just a little improved version of normal available RFID based attendance systems.  In this prototype of mine, I used a custom board where I actually loaded Arduino Bootloader on Atmega 328P,  then once I got Arduino bootloader there, It all got a little easy.

RFID system is also used for the attendance.  All the attendance from the applicable pool of Cards is saved into the microcontroller just like the normal attendance systems as we have already seen.  So, what this time my friend gave me an idea to dynamically enter the name of the card holder and to add up an entry via the use of a PS2 keyboard.  Names can be entered on the fly and also the deletion and other tasks on the entries can be performed in this program in mine.

keyboard_RFIDI used a normal PS/2 keyboard for that.  So, whenever one of the RFID card is swiped over the detector system, the system checks for its pre-existence .  If it is already present it shows the welcome message, otherwise asks for the name so that it can have a mapping for the name and card number.
Entering the name (I have allowed upto 10 characters only though Atmega328 has got a lot of EEPROM 512bytes of it.  I have tried to make a lot large number of people so just cut it down here 😛 )  will bring the welcome screen again and will prompt to press a key.  Only two keys will work ENTER or DELETE key.  If pressed ENTER, it will continue as normal, if DELETE is pressed the user corressponsing to the name written or the swiped card will be deleted.  The next entry will be at that place only.

Here goes the initial trial video



Improved Part after making the whole circuit


Finally I made the above circuit reduced to this sizekeyboard_RFID1

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