Robotic Palm! this way !!

Ummm, so this time for our minors, we got a project to do which initially was something else and after a lot of selection and finalization of a few projects, we finally got our minor university project as a Robotic Palm.
Though we desired to make some part of our so called Humanoid (after the making of robotic Arm in last semister and thought of extending it to a full Humanoid, but things just don’t go the same way you think :p )

This robotic Palm of ours is actually a very awesome idea to start with.  Such a projects are not much of pain if the mechanical work is done somehow, actually the mechanical work is pain in ass.  The assembly and the fitting and bla bla and most importantly the SERVOS.   The electronics part has always been appeared easy for us as compared for the mechanical part.

As far as  electronics is concerned in this project, there is nothing much, just have to control the servos via serial and some interaction over the serial using Matlab or other C# applications or linux terminal.  Arduino made that easy part a little more easier.
The fingers are made using the refills and threads going through the refills and finally tied up to the servos.  When servos rotate they pull the fingers inwards and the rubber mechanism tries to push the fingers back at their normal position.

Here are some of the pics



Also, the video for the same goes here,

Heavily inspired to do some thing like this,  when robotics overthrow such curses.robotic_palm_results

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