GUI: Plug n Play Duino

The main idea behind the “Plug n Play Duino” model was the ease of implementation of algorithms of line following, edge avoiding and all such sort of works… or “To make it a toy”(in english :P)

As Saurabh gave a detailed list of features of this board here,…a-new-approach/

We built a GUI for this board, which makes it a child play, when it comes to line following.


Line Followe GUI
Line Followe GUI

Well As you can see, the GUI allows you to :

1. Choose the pins to which IR sensors are attached.

2. Select the motor driver set which are active.(out of 3 motor drivers)

3. Select the Sensors combinations for the motions in the drop-down menus.

4. Hit RUN !!!!

This will generate the arduino file which can be uploaded to the board..


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